Cinnamon swirl chia oatmeal topped with blueberry sauce, banana, raspberries, blackberries, granola and a spoonful of peanut butter.
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"Here are the ten things you need to know.
1. Your hair matters far, far less than you think.
2. In fact, the way you look matters far less than you think.
3. “Can I ask a dumb question?” is never a good thing to say.
4. In fact, asking permission to speak is never a good idea at all.
5. While we’re on the subject, don’t speak too fast because you’re afraid of wasting your listener’s time. Listening to what you have to say is the highest and best use of anyone’s time. Even if your hair looks terrible.
6. And don’t edit what you say before you say it. That would be you, getting in the way of truth, and, worse, of your heart.
7. You are already working approximately 25 percent harder than you have to to get the result you want. Chillax.
8. Don’t hang out with anyone who doesn’t understand why you’re so wonderful, or who needs to be told, or who doesn’t tell you at regular intervals or when you forget.
9. That little voice you keep ignoring is the only one you should ever listen to.
10. Love."

-Lisa Scottoline in What I Know Now: Letters to My Younger Self (via kuwazaidi)


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You are the only thing that makes sense

Just ignore all this present tense.


Artifact Uprising

A new character I’m playing with. I think his name is Albert.

Artist trading card give away!!

I went sketching at the Bronx Zoo the other day and came out with these six little guys. And I figured, why not give them away?

For a chance to get your hands on one of these, all you need to do is reblog this and give me a follow from now until Monday (6/16). you’ll get one entry per blog!  I’ll be drawing from the entries first thing Monday morning and the lucky 6 will get to choose (in order of drawing) which animal they want!  These are little 2.5x3.5” original pieces.

So get reblogging and GOOD LUCK. (Remember, I want YOU to be the winner)


happy national donut day !